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The Therapeutic Benefits of Adult Coloring

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Coloring used to be one of our favorite activities when we were kids but recently the therapeutic benefits of coloring have been found to be more than a fun time activity for children. Coloring has recently turned into an international trend and coloring books for grown ups are on the best seller's lists in bookstores around the country.

Doctors began using coloring as art therapy and discovered enormous benefits. Coloring gives relief to coping with stress, help people who are dealing with difficult life circumstances, such as a serious disease diagnosis like cancer. 

This kind of “mindful therapy” significantly reduces the symptoms of emotional and physical distress during treatments. Coloring for adult cancer patients also brings comfort and a willingness to go on.


But It’s not just those with serious illnesses that can benefit from Art therapy. It also helps people who are dealing with many other conditions, such as depression, PTSD or anxiety. Coloring also has another added benefit: It helps people focus. The inability to focus is often a symptom of ADHD, stress and anxiety, therefore coloring can also help people with these conditions. Coloring helps people relax in a way similar to meditation and allows the brain to switch off disturbing thoughts and concentrate on the task at hand. Looking at the shapes and outlines of your coloring page helps tremendously to control your attention and brings a sense of calm to your naturally stressful world.


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